Completed March 2016. Filmed in Brisbane, Australia.


The Mother Clucking Puppet Web Series

Releasing on YouTube:  May 3rd 2014

Created as a Graduating Project from the Queensland University of Technologies' Bachelor of Fine Arts: Film, TV and New Media.

Producer: Steffi Walsh

Director: Vincent Chen

Cinematographer: Kareem Anti

A three-part Web Series Chronicling the adventures of Julian Raymond and AJ the Rooster.

Julian is an Egomaniac, his girlfriend Sonia is sick of him. So she gives Julian one last test to find out whether he loves her or if he just loves himself. Sonia gives Julian a live chicken to take care of for a week. If he succeeds then maybe she'll give him another chance. Only thing is the chicken is a maniacally suicidal slaughterhouse escapee that's seeking retribution for the oppression of his species... oh and he's also a puppet.

Filmed in Brisbane, Australia on the Black Magic 2.5k Cinema Camera.

The Bottom Bunk

Hostel Living Documentary

I spend a week living in a 30-person share dorm to find out the trails and tribulations young Europeans put themselves through in search of working holidays abroad.

Producer: Sarah Hawkins

Director: Vincent Chen

Camera: Nick Marsay

A QUT University Project, The Bottom Bunk took my love of Backpacking to a whole new level as I put my own body on the line and slept in a 30 person dorm for a week. While there I met people from all over the world who had migrated to Australia in Search of one thing: Work. Australia apparently is seen as the new land of Opportunity, however I find out that finding work might be harder then it seems.

I went on ABC Radio to chat with Steve Austin about my time making this documentary.

Visit the ABC site here or Listen Below: